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    What city is Starship talking about? ›

    Though the song was originally written about Los Angeles, the Starship rendition references San Francisco (the hometown of both Starship and its predecessors, Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship) with a spoken-word interlude in which a radio DJ states, "I'm looking out over that Golden Gate Bridge".

    What is the meaning of the song We Built This City on rock and roll? ›

    Bernie Taupin (lyricist, in 2013): The original song was… a very dark song about how club life in L.A. was being killed off and live acts had no place to go. A producer named Peter Wolf—not the J. Geils Peter Wolf, but a big-time pop guy and Austrian record producer—got ahold of the demo and totally changed it.…

    Is Grace Slick still alive? ›

    Slick retired from music in 1990, but continues to be active in the visual arts field. Slick was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996 as a member of Jefferson Airplane.
    Grace Slick
    Other namesGracie The Chrome Nun
    OccupationsSinger-songwriter painter
    Years active1964–1990
    Musical career
    8 more rows

    Who is the radio voice on We Built This City? ›

    The song features Mickey Thomas and Grace Slick sharing lead vocals. MTV executive and former DJ Les Garland provided the DJ voice-over during the song's bridge.

    What city is referred to in We Built This City? ›

    The city that the band is singing about in the album version of this song has been generally thought to be San Francisco, California, (the traffic report in the bridge references the Golden Gate Bridge and "The City by the Bay").

    Is there a girl in Starship? ›

    The album accompanying this release contained re-recordings of some of the Starship's biggest hits, songs originally from Thomas's tenure in Jefferson Starship, as well as "Fooled Around and Fell in Love" which Thomas originally sang during his time in the Elvin Bishop Group in 1976. Female vocalist Stephanie Calvert ...

    What do you think is the message of the song This Land Is Your Land? ›

    Initially written in 1940 as a retort to Irving Berlin's jingoistic God Bless America, Guthrie's song is a scathing condemnation of the very idea that land can be owned, treated as property.

    What are the explanation of these structure of the song? ›

    What Is Song Structure? Song structure refers to how a song is organized, using a combination of different sections. A typical song structure includes a verse, chorus, and bridge in the following arrangement: intro, verse — chorus — verse — chorus —bridge — chorus — outro.

    What is the significance of This Land Is Your Land song? ›

    In reaction to “God Bless America,” he worked up a simple song that tried to capture his love of the American landscape. At the same time, he wanted to point out that a lot of Americans weren't feeling blessed at all. This is the story behind “This Land is Your Land.”

    Is Starship from San Francisco? ›

    Starship was launched by Skype co-founders, Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis in 2014. Just a few years later, our robots are now doing thousands of deliveries a day in towns, cities and campuses across the world. Our business headquarters are located in San Francisco, and our main engineering office is in Estonia.

    Where is Starship headed? ›

    Space colonization

    The Starship spacecraft's Mars variant is expected to be able to land on Mars and return to Earth. First, the main spacecraft is launched to low Earth orbit, then is refueled by around five tanker spacecraft before heading towards Mars.

    Where did the word Starship come from? ›

    starship (n.) "space ship," 1934 (in "Astounding Stories"), from star (n.) + ship (n.). Earlier in reference to celebrity.

    Why did Jefferson Starship change their name to Starship? ›

    Paul Kantner left due to creative differences in 1985, and after some acrimony with the remaining band members, the name “Jefferson Starship” was retired. The remaining members of Jefferson Starship at that point morphed into “Starship” and enjoyed continued success.


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